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This time, this place is set apart
I stand amazed at who You are
I’m overcome by what You’ve done o-oh
I’m here right now, I’m reaching out
I lift Your name above the doubt
This is my offering for You, for You

‘Cause it’s all for You, all for You
Every heart will proclaim
Every tongue will shout Your praise
All for You, oh oh oh
All for You, oh oh oh

I leave my burden at Your feet
In You I find my victory
There is nothing You can’t do, o-oh
I’ll live my life for Your renown
I’ll give it all and lay it down
‘Cause I owe everything to You, to You

All will hear, all will see
Love came down and we are free

Songwriter : Matt Bronleewe, Sam Tinnesz, Jason Ingram, Mike Grayson


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

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